Our Firm

Founded in 1989, Li & Associates, Inc. has become the largest and most highly respected structural engineering firm in Ventura County. The firm's extensive portfolio of work reflects its significant contribution to the County.

Li & Associates, Inc. offers complete structural engineering design services - from preliminary designs through construction administration for industrial companies and governmental agencies, institutions and public works, land developers and architects, and contractor and other consulting engineers, and individual owners.

We have demonstrated our capability in structural design for a variety of structural buildings and worked extremely well with the surrounding community and city officials. We have completed structures for both the private and public sectors in Southern California, including:

  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities
  • K- 12 Schools & University Buildings
  • Low- to Mid-rise Office Buildings
  • Multi-Family Residential Buildings
  • Religious structures
  • Governmental Buildings
  • Retail & Entertainment Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Long-Span & Special Structures
  • Luxury Residential Buildings
  • Mixed-Use Complexes
  • Military Facilities

At Li & Associates, Inc., we listen closely in order to understand our client's unique needs and provide practical solutions to overcome any challenges. As a tool to measure our performance, Li & Associates developed a Quality Assurance System to ensure our commitment to and achievement of engineering excellence.

Quality Assurance System
  • Provides you with at least two structural system options such as steel, concrete, masonry, or wood and assists you with choosing a system based on:
    1. Structural Performance
    2. Cost Comparison
    3. Maintainability
    4. Durability
    5. Availability
  • Provides complete plans and detailing with structural specifications for all necessary materials
  • Provides anchor bolt layout plans for ease of construction
  • Reviews and returns manufacturer's shop drawings in a timely manner
  • Responds promptly to all requests in a timely manner
  • Maintains an open dialogue with the contractor until the completion of the project